A Summer Adventure

Last summer I and my best friend Michael went to Santorini island in Greece. We went on vacation and we stayed there for 5 days. Santorini is a very amazing island with golden beaches, clubs, and also living there is very expensive. When we went there, we ate at the first restaurant near the port….

Aegina-Agia Marina port

Last summer my brother, mother and me went to the island of Aegina which is to the left of Attica, that means it is very close to the capital of Greece. Which makes it relatively easy for tourists to visit this beautiful destination. We went to the Agia Marina port which is at the east…

Top 5 Summer Water Sports

Summer is coming soon and in most countries the weather is already really hot and because of that kind of weather people go to the beach to have fun and enjoy themselves. But sometimes just swimming or relaxing on the sand is boring for some, well worry not cause the sea isn’t only for swimming….


In my previous article I wrote about a destination that I have actually visited. Now I want to write about a country that I want to visit. Greenland is the place that I want to visit some time in my life. It is the world’s largest island and three quarters of this country are covered by ice….

Neos Pyrgos

I’ve spend lots of my summers at a prime holiday location; Neos Pyrgos of north Evoia. This is a wonderful village where the blue of the sea and the green of the flowers are going to make you believe that you are in a little paradise. 91 years ago, some refugees came from the fallen…

Summer Hobbies

In my summer holidays, I have a lot of hobbies, so it’s very difficult to choose which one appeals to me most, but if I had to choose one of them, I would probably choose riding my bike. How can I explain how much I love riding my bike? Firstly, riding my bike is always…