Infinite Tales: Story 1

Infinite Tales is a gamified story series open to anyone willing to participate. One of our authors will be posting a sentence, and whoever wants to, can post its continuation in the comments section. Each comment can be up to three lines long and must take into account what has already been typed. This way,…

A Summer Adventure

Last summer I and my best friend Michael went to Santorini island in Greece. We went on vacation and we stayed there for 5 days. Santorini is a very amazing island with golden beaches, clubs, and also living there is very expensive. When we went there, we ate at the first restaurant near the port….

Reading Books or Watching Films

Reading books and watching films are good ways to do something in your free time. Most of the people have shelves of books, and some have devices and applications where they can watch films. But what is more interesting? First, there are books. Books have interesting stuff that you can read about, for instance, you…

The Beach Party

Every year we organize a party to celebrate the birthday of our friends. Usually we have parties in my home because it is bigger than my friends’. Last year, my brother wanted to have a party too, so my mother told us she would take us to the beach. All my friends were invited and…

Running All Around Nafplio

Read the story about what happened to our author PanosXGamer and his friends during his trip to Nafplio.