T.G.I. Friday’s

In this article i write a review about T.G.I Fridays a restaurant i like to go. Write in the comment section if you have a place that you like to go and it with your friends.

Exchange Programmes at School

Exchange programmes at school is a method for students to meet new people, other traditions, foods and improve their English skills. This programme has a good and a bad side. The good side is that the students will learn new things about other countries but the bad side of such a programme is that the…

Watching Movie at Home Vs Cinema

This article is an essay about movies at home vs movies at cinema. Which do you prefer let me know and write your opinion on the comment section!!

Rocket League

This article is about Rocket League a football game with rocket-powered cars with many customizations.

In the House of a Killer

A short story based on a personal experience from the previous summer. Write if you want to read more of my stories.

Souvlaki apo Kounia

I take place in the writing challenge with this article if you want to take place in the challenge write in the article about challenge your story in the commnet section

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke is one my most favourite comic books series! Read the article and see the trailer of the film.

Customs around the world

This is my second article about customs around the world if you didn’t read my first click on the link where you find in this article!