My Best Friend Nefeli

My best friend’s name is Nefeli. She is 11 years old. We know each other from school. Nefeli is funny because she always tells jokes. In our free time, Nefeli and I play football, volleyball and board games. She is very creative. She likes drawing and she likes writing stories. I like Nefeli because we…

Up to the Readers

We all have people whom we love and enjoy spending time with. Our friends who some people consider to be the family that we chose. This time we would like our readers to submit pieces of writing about the people they believe to be their best friends. Let us know why they are special, what…

Best Monster!

New poll to chose the best monster. Read and take your pick when you click!

Dream Cruise

Can you imagine being on a cruise ship right in the middle of the pacific ocean on your way to Hawaii? Well I can and I think it would be amazing!!! I really want to travel to Hawaii on a cruise ship and I want to do it with my friends. We would be at…

Your Submissions: Your Friends

Write a description of your friend. In paragraph 1 introduce him or her and say what he or she is like. Do not forget to use adjectives and examples. In paragraph 2 say what you do in your free time together. In paragraph 3 explain why you like him or her.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go: a game which you will certainly love! Press to read more.