Exercise Time: Brainstorming

If you could take some extra-curricular activities at school, what would they be? There are some suggestions here, and we would like to know how do you think they could help you? What could you gain by learning any of the following? cooking swimming debating chess ICT (Information Computer technology)  

Exercise Time: The Causative

Two parts in this exercise: Answer the questions: When did you last have your hair cut? Have you had anyone make a sweet for you? Will you get anybody to buy you something after this situation is over? Did teachers have you do a lot of homework in the past? Make three sentences with the…

Exercise Time: Forming Sentences

Let’s play with words and see who does better! Make sentences and expressions using the following words: among beneath around beyond along within through back

Discussion Time: Gerunds and Infinitives

Question time yet again! Please tell us: If you could stop doing something you consider unhelpful for your personal evolution, what would that be? If you paused on your track and stopped to do something right now while reading this post, what would you do? I absolutely adore reading manga. What do you love doing?…

Discussion Time: Using the Indirect Speech

Time for yet another discussion/exercise. Make the following sentences from direct to indirect speech.  I read Paulo Coelho’s book on the 2nd of April. Miranda will buy her friend a mug for her birthday. The guys have already gone to three theme parties. The dog needs to go for a walk. It is necessary to…