My Perfect Neighbourhood

My neighbourhood is great and I love living there, because it has a football court and I love playing football. It also has a basketball court, but I don’t often play. There is a small square nearby which has trees all around. I like the neighbourhood, but I would prefer a sports center with a…

LeBron James

This article is about Lebron James’ Life. Read it and write to as if you want learn about someone else!

The Invention of Basketball

  By Normand Laplante December 21, 2016 marks the 125th anniversary of the invention of basketball by Canadian James Naismith and of the first game ever played. In the fall of 1891, Naismith was studying to become a YMCA physical education instructor at the International YMCA Training Institute in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was given the…

Dimitris Diamantidis

Dimitris Diamantidis is on of the most popular and best basketball player in Europe!