Poll: Around town

Where did you use to go before the outbreak? Do you still go anywhere? If you can’t find your place of preference, choose “other” and comment below!

Lucky Luke

Lucky Luke is one my most favourite comic books series! Read the article and see the trailer of the film.

Meet the Tuber: First Poll

Okay so this is the beginning of our new series “Meet the Tuber” and this is the first poll for you to choose your Tuber as promised! The first article will be about PewDiePie who is known as the biggest YouTuber with 50 million subscribers. This is just so that you have enough time to…

Best Monster!

New poll to chose the best monster. Read and take your pick when you click!

Up to You!

A couple of days ago, our author George wrote his opinion about video games and their connection to criminal behavior. We would like to learn what our readers think about it, so it’s time to vote once again. Check our poll underneath and don’t forget to leave comments below this post or in George’s!

Over to our readers!

Some people consider the most popular sports to be football and tennis. What do you think?Are you a fan of these sports? Do you prefer other sports? Do you play or just watch? Which is your favorite? Vote and tell us more in the comments section!