Discrimination: When you Dress the “Wrong” Way

Last year, I decided to go to a Jumbo toy shop in Athens. So, I called my best friends: John, George, and Anestis and I told them to come with me. We met at Anthoupolis metro station and took the train for the store.We wanted to buy gifts for our cousins because it was Christmas….

On Discrimination

Equality has been among the major focal points of the Western world for years and in many countries, much progress has been achieved. In the U.K. or the States, things are becoming better at varying rhythms and the Scandinavian countries are perhaps counted amongst the most liberal places on the planet. Even here, in Greece…

Terrorist Attack in Manchester

A terrorist attack took place in Manchester, in England. It happened shortly after Ariana Grande had performed her final song of her concert when the lights came up and fans – including many young children began leaving the concert. 22 people now have been killed and 119 are seriously injured. The explosion happened outside the entrance to…

International Women’s Day

Today is the International Women’s Day and all around the world people fighting against sexism, discrimination and gender bias are celebrating and remembering. We remember all the great women who have fought for equality. We remember heroines and scientists, artists and politicians, all women who have decided to act on the right to have dreams….