Erstwhile Tales

Everybody involved in language teaching sooner or latter teaches literature, poetry or the classics. Great texts that have influenced our way of thinking or even our societies as a whole. The Grimm brothers’ fairytales are among the most well-known stories ever told and an excellent introduction to language. Perhaps the greatest struggle for an ESOL…

Exercise Time: Brainstorming

If you could take some extra-curricular activities at school, what would they be? There are some suggestions here, and we would like to know how do you think they could help you? What could you gain by learning any of the following? cooking swimming debating chess ICT (Information Computer technology)  

Exercise Time: The Causative

Two parts in this exercise: Answer the questions: When did you last have your hair cut? Have you had anyone make a sweet for you? Will you get anybody to buy you something after this situation is over? Did teachers have you do a lot of homework in the past? Make three sentences with the…

Exercise Time: Forming Sentences

Let’s play with words and see who does better! Make sentences and expressions using the following words: among beneath around beyond along within through back

Daily Routine

Hello, again readers! This time we would like you to describe your daily routine for us. What do you do on a work/school day? When do you get up? What kind of breakfast or food do you generally like and eat? Do you talk to friends? What are your hobbies? do you usually spend time…

Art Therapy

There is a current school of thinking in psychotherapy and emotion management that claims you can release negative (or even positive) feelings and facilitate therapy through art. Any kind of medium is good enough; visual arts, photography, painting or sketches, written forms, poetry, and prose, or music. It promotes calm and quiet and even helps…

Writing Prompts: 2

If you could invite five people to a dinner party, who would they be? What is each guest like? (Any guest, living, dead, historical, fictitious)

Writing Prompts: 1

You have enough money to purchase either a house or a business. Which would you choose to buy? Give specific reasons to explain your choice.

Infinite Tales: Story 1

Infinite Tales is a gamified story series open to anyone willing to participate. One of our authors will be posting a sentence, and whoever wants to, can post its continuation in the comments section. Each comment can be up to three lines long and must take into account what has already been typed. This way,…

Poll: Around town

Where did you use to go before the outbreak? Do you still go anywhere? If you can’t find your place of preference, choose “other” and comment below!

Teachers’ Day

October the fifth has been designated as a day to celebrate teachers and their work around the world. Get up the Nerve, as a students online magazine would like to show appreciation to all those teachers whose work is and has been an inspiration for our growth and making better our communities. In that spirit,…