The Camping T(R.I.P.)

It was dark and I was completely lost. On the mountains of Spain, 4 of my friends and I went out camping two days ago. The blistering sun of the summer made us go out and experience the beauty of nature, so we packed everything up and flew to Spain, where we would meet up with 2 other people and go camping.

The first day, we set up the camp and gathered some basic materials, like wood and stones, to craft a campfire. In the night we would sit in the same campfire, telling stories to one another.

The second day though was different. We woke up and 1 of us was missing. That already concerned us, but we also saw that his backpack was still here. We looked around to find him, but we couldn’t spot him anywhere close. We gathered after two hours of searching and decided to send one of us to investigate further more. I was chosen.

I started to look for him in a 2 mile radius around the camp, but he wasn’t there. This is the part I almost got lost in the dark. I went up a hill and yelled his name. Nothing came back. After what it seemed like ages of walking, I started to head back when I remembered that I didn’t look for him in the area that we left the car. Indeed, he was there, inside of the car, sleeping. I opened the door and dragged him all the way back to camp.

When we made it, he woke up and told us that he couldn’t sleep in the tent. We gave it a laugh and enjoyed the last days of our camping trip.

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