Homeschooling: Bad Or Good?


A lot of parents, especially these days, don’t send their children at school, but they teach them from their homes. It is called homeschooling. Is it a bad thing though? Let’s find out.

Firstly, an important part of home schooling is that your parents are your teachers. This is both good and bad, because while you learn from people that you know and trust, you won’t know how to introduce yourself to an actual teacher.

Secondly, you will be probably working alone or with a sibling, so that means that it will be harder to make new friends, as you won’t spend too much time with them like you would do in school.

Last but not least, we have the fact that you will be working in the same place you live. While this means that you won’t have to worry about being late, it means that there is a place to play during the break.

In conclusion, I think that homeschooling isn’t necessarily bad, but there needs to be time to do things that you would do in school, like playing outside.

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