Erstwhile Tales

Everybody involved in language teaching sooner or latter teaches literature, poetry or the classics. Great texts that have influenced our way of thinking or even our societies as a whole. The Grimm brothers’ fairytales are among the most well-known stories ever told and an excellent introduction to language.037-Bird-Mouse-Sausage_pg01

Perhaps the greatest struggle for an ESOL teacher when trying to teach literature and make learners interested in it, is finding a way to make it relatable and appealing to a generation that rarely touches books.

I have recently come up to this great web-page with comic adaptations called ErstwhileTales. I have personally enjoyed the wonderful illustrations and art, and I have already used one of the tales in one of my lesson plans. It was about one of the less famous stories “The Bird, the Mouse, and the Sausage“.

Their work is great and I strongly recommend it. Anyone that wants to have a look should definitely click on the links and visit them.
Even better, buy their book!

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