Do We Spend Too Much Time Gaming?

During the quarantine, the only way you can play with your friends is online. But some children play more than they should, or so do parents think. But do they spend too much time? Let’s find out.

Most of the children replace their training to play videogames. But this is not necessarily bad, because the child will exercise their brain. They develop very good reflexes and have great focus. Of course you have to do some kind of physical exercise, but videogames will train our mind.

Next up, we have knowledge. A lot of parents encourage their children to get off their console and read a book to gain more knowledge. But videogames can give you knowledge too. In fact, some schools in America use videogames to explain the history of Greece.

Last but not least, we have joy. Parents believe that games don’t give you real joy, but this is false, because you get the same joy when winning a football much as killing a hard boss you found.

So, I believe that children should not play too much, but also they should not be prohibited from playing, especially these days.

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