Exercise Time: Brainstorming

If you could take some extra-curricular activities at school, what would they be? There are some suggestions here, and we would like to know how do you think they could help you? What could you gain by learning any of the following?

  • cooking
  • swimming
  • debating
  • chess
  • ICT (Information Computer technology)


One Comment Add yours

  1. danaebzk says:

    With cooking, I will be able to make something on my own to eat without the need of my mom, and I will also gain weight because I will make a lot of sweets.
    With swimming, I will have a nice and fit body and I will know how to swim properly.
    Debating, I think will make me very upset if it’s unfair and I’ll do a little humming … I’m not famous for my patience.
    Chess is boring because I don’t like it … (it’s my opinion).
    ICT will be very useful because I will be able to find any information I want at any time.


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