House or Business

Everyone has dreamed to have a lot of money. It’s true that with money you can buy houses, cars and open companies. But what is better for a rich guy; one big house or a great company? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the house. At first, a house is safer because it does not want big cash if you have bought it. A big house is always a good way for people who have really big cash and they are not interested in continuing to make money, but if you have one day short a lot of money you could open a company to continue making cash.

Also, a company will be a big success if you work intelligent, and if you are a bit lucky you will have money for the rest of your life, but if you make some wrong decisions and be a bit unlucky you will lose all the money that you have already.

I would like to have a big house but my choice is to open a company because I would have a chance to grow my wealth and give jobs in a lot of people.


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