Estate vs Business

So, in a recent post, there was a question; would you rather buy a house or a business? In my opinion, I would prefer to purchase a company, which is a business.

Some might ask: But why would you not want to buy a place to live in? Well, even if you have a stable home, there are a lot of duties you have when you buy a house. First of all, you need yo pay taxes. Secondly, you need to clean your house every now and then. Finally, most people have houses, and there is no need to buy another one. It’s just wasted money.

But buying a business company has a lot of upsides. Firstly, you gain more popularity, which can help you in the world of modern society. Secondly, if it all goes well, you make a ton of money. In fact, you get most of the income, because you are the boss. Lastly, you gain experience that is essential for a future job, if the company fails.

To sum up, I believe that buying a business is more useful than buying a house.

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