Writing Prompts: 2

If you could invite five people to a dinner party, who would they be? What is each guest like? (Any guest, living, dead, historical, fictitious)

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  1. Peppa pig says:

    I wiil invite Noah from the movie <>, Lilly from the series <>,Cole from the movie <>, Derek from the tik tok and finally my friend Nefeli.



    I would invite Tommas Shelby from Peaky blinders because he is quite but very smart man who is mysterious,Sansa Stark(queen of the north)from Game of thrones ’cause I love her personality she is so interesting!The famous model Gizele because I would like to learn the secrets of fashion.The singer 2pac ’cause I would like to know what meaning is hidden behind his songs.And finally I would invite my friend Tsosmi to laugh at them!!


  3. danaebzk says:

    I would invite spencerx from Tik Tok because I admire the way he does beatbox,Alexandros Kopsialis because he has a lot of fun and I would love to see him,Ariana Grande because I’m a big fan and I want to get to know her,Of course the magnificent Francis Lea Elui from the Tik Tok I adore.
    Αnd finally I would invite my friends Maria and Helen!


  4. Stratos Daras says:

    I would invite Poli Shelby from Peaky Blinders because is a very smart woman and I want to meet her, Anter from Elite, because he has a lot of fun, is smart rich I think that he suits perfectly with Poli


  5. Pro One says:

    I will invate Dany Rand from iron fist because sometimes he is quite, PewDiePie from YouTube because is my best Youtuber, Abraham Lincoln because he was a great president of America, Shrek because l like memes and one of my friends Kostantinos.


  6. marios5v says:

    I would invite Chacie Chan because is a clever man and
    also I would invite techltcherious because these youtoubers
    are very funny and my best friend from school.


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