Teens and Social Media

These days, teens use phones and other portable devices. Lots of them provide them access to social media, like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Some people are against it. Personally, I believe that teens should, in fact, use social media for these reasons.

First of all, talking to people face to face might be hard for some teens, because they have to look at the person that they’re talking to, and some might be shy. So social media is an easy way to interact with other people.

Another interesting reason why teens use social media is because they want to be popular. I have to disagree with that because having a lot of virtual friends means nothing when you have no real friends.

Lastly, young people use social media to be notified of events and other news. This is actually useful because a lot of teenagers don’t watch the news on TV, so social media is an alternative way to get notified of the latest events.

To sum up, I think that young people using social media isn’t always ideal, but it’s a good way for teens to talk to each other, and be informed.

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