Infinite Tales: Story 1

Infinite Tales is a gamified story series open to anyone willing to participate. One of our authors will be posting a sentence, and whoever wants to, can post its continuation in the comments section. Each comment can be up to three lines long and must take into account what has already been typed. This way, we will have a story made up by many different people, which will hopefully be funny and original. We also accept art submissions when the story is officially finished to add as featured images or inside the main story.

This first story begins so:

Once upon a time, there was a knight who lived in a kingdom made of fluffy things. He was tall and built, and he used to wear armor made of scales.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. captaintax says:

    One day the king commanded the knight to go to the Sahara desert. There, the knight met a merchant, Ali.

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  2. costists says:

    Ali told him about a nearby village that has a lot of different coloured wool. The knight headed there to buy some for the king.


    1. Peppa pig says:

      The knight bought beautiful wool. He went back to the palace, and when the king saw the wool he was exited and he told the knight to make a carpet for his kitchen.



    The King invited Sansa stark from the North to decapitate the knight ’cause he didn’t like the wool that he had brought him.


  4. danaebzk says:

    When Sansa arrived at the king’s palace to decapitate the knight, he begged the king to give him another chance.


  5. marios5v says:

    The Κing asked the knight if he wanted to become the guardian of the castle.


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