A Castle in the Rain

Although the weather was bad, Sam and Chris decided to cycle to the old castle. They went all the way up the hill where it was located.

Once they reached up there, it started to rain heavily. They wanted to leave, but the road was too slippery to walk or cycle. The only place where the rain wouldn’t get to them was in the castle. They went around it and found a wooden door. They tried to pull it but it was locked.

After a few minutes of quietness, they heard a creak at a window nearby. Chris tried to climb in, but he fell back down. Sam then suggested to help him by stepping on him, like a stool. They tried it and Chris actually made it in and helped Sam to get in too.

While in the castle, the two boys felt anxious and afraid, but mostly cold. When the rain suddenly stopped, they unlocked the lock on the door and got out. They returned home safely and felt relieved that they didn’t have to spend another minute in the old, scary castle.


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