Never Again On Animals

Today many people use animals for testing medicine used by human beings. This should stop! Everybody should learn how their medicine is tested. Also, we should make a world team for animal protection.

When a human tests medicine on an animal, the animal suffers. For example, if we give a horse medicine for the human stomach, it may die and that is not good. I believe this is an outdated form of research. Pharmacy producers ought to do tests for their medicine on the computer. Medicine testing on animals must be illegal.

Now, if someone continues to do it, he should have to pay a big fine, if he doesn’t want to go to jail. So no one will keep testing on animals. Also, the government should check all the pharmacy factories, if they test their products in the right way, with the help of our organization.

So this is what we have to do to protect animals from people who don’t care about the suffering of an animal. The conclusion is we shouldn’t test medicine on animals but we ought to try to find other ways of research like testing them on the computer.

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