A Summer Adventure

Last summer I and my best friend Michael went to Santorini island in Greece. We went on vacation and we stayed there for 5 days. Santorini is a very amazing island with golden beaches, clubs, and also living there is very expensive.

When we went there, we ate at the first restaurant near the port. And I have to say that the food was very expensive, we took two plates with pasta and two colas and we paid fifty euros and seventy cents. After that, we took the bus to go to the villa we had rented. It had 5 bedrooms two pools with jacuzzi a big garden with palm trees. On the third day, we organized a trip to the volcano.

We have just arrived and black smokes were in the air the volcano was ready for an explosion we started running to the boats. I and Michael took the first high-speed boat and we went far away until we arrived at Mykonos. From there we saw the lava and the rocks on the air. After a few minutes, a helicopter took us to let us in Athens. When I went home I tell the story to my parents and also we saw it and on the news on tv.

This was the most amazing and exciting holiday of all my life, but I don’t want to be again near to volcanos or places that they are near to them. The conclusion is that the holidays were the best and the worst of my life.

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