Reading Books or Watching Films

Reading books and watching films are good ways to do something in your free time. Most of the people have shelves of books, and some have devices and applications where they can watch films. But what is more interesting?

First, there are books. Books have interesting stuff that you can read about, for instance, you can learn new things about the real world that you are interested in, or you can read a comic story, a more childish one, perhaps a horror one, and so much more.

Secondly, we have films. Films are exciting because you can see animated things or a movie with actors. For instance, you can watch a film that is based on a sad story, or something scary, or you can even watch cartoon characters that are hand-drawn with frames where they can move.

So, what is better? If you ask me, I prefer watching films more than reading books, because if you watch a film, you see everything animated, but when you read a book, you have to imagine how the characters’ faces are and stuff like that. That is why, in my opinion, I think watching films is more interesting than reading books.

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