How do you spend your Free Time?

Free Time Activities (Part 1)

I am pretty sure that the Coronavirus outbreak has greatly changed the way we have fun and enjoy ourselves, especially now that most of us adhere to the directions and guidelines and #stayathome. I know it has already been quite difficult for me. I am an outgoing person and I normally love going out for a drink, walking around, and going to the cinema.

Nowadays though, with the situation being the way it is, I have radically changed my pass-time activities. What do I do? Well, mostly watch Netflix. I have found one or two nice series like “The End of The F***ing World”, which I have to admit, at first I was sceptical about, but eventually thought it was absolutely brilliant. It reminded me why I absolutely love watching British shows. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my occasional Marvel film now and then, but the British make more realistic movies. Great frames, amazing directing, a bleak outlook, and you know what? Bullets do cause damage. Permanent. That having come out of my system, I have to warn, the series isn’t really for minors, so watch at your own risk.

Other binge-worthy alternatives include the Circle; reality tv with a twist. I’m not really a fan, but this has managed to win me over. Short episodes that do not go on forever, the concept a bit fresher than others, and just the right amount of shade. The US version was good but for me, the Portuguese one has all the kicks. Alertaaaaaa Netflix! I am dying for “The Circle Greece”! Muito obrigado!

Want more? For the gamers out there, go watch Castlevania. Nostalgia and the script gets better as the seasons progress. The aesthetic is plain gorgeous. Killing time in the house… and not only. Simply love the female characters. Forget the obnoxious Sypha, #teamvampire4.

Apart from binge-watching? Well, a bit of books, some gaming, and traditional board games. More on those in the second part of this, but what about you? How do you plan on not dying of boredom? Comment and let us know; we need tips here, or you can follow our social media accounts to join in on the discussion. Find me @ManosConst

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  1. These days most of us stay home to protect our selves and our family. The best things that we have to do are to relax, play video games and see Netflix.

    I believe most of us have a Netflix account. so let’s get started. I have some good movies and series to recommend you. Also, I’ll tell you and some videogames that you will spend your time playing with them.

    The first is ”The Irishman” 2019 movie of Scorsese. The scenario is about a man from Irland in the U.S. after WWII. He started as a truck driver and became one of the most popular killers in America.

    Secondly, we have ”Elite” a Spanish production series. It has 24 episodes, 3 seasons. The main characters are some teenagers from Madrid. The theme is about the murder of a girl on the school party
    Will they find who killed her?

    Now we go on videogames. Playing videogames is a very good way to spend your free time and these days that we have the covid-19 outbreak we have plenty. The games that I choose and recommend to you are UFC 3 a mma [like kick box] game that the only thing you have to do is to knock out the enemy.

    The second game that I select is Fifa a soccer game. You select one team and playing a football match between you and another player or team.

    These are some ideas about how to spend your free time.


  2. costists says:

    Now, with the fear of the Covid-19 outbreak and the quarantine, we have a lot of free time. Too much free time. So, here are some things I propose to you so you don’t die of boredom during the quarantine.

    First of all, we have movies and series. Fortunately, Netflix has a 1-month trial, so everyone can watch. I suggest these movies and series: “Rick And Morty” is a comedy, animated series. It follows Rick Sanchez, the grandfather of Morty, who is also a scientist who travels between dimensions. The show is pretty funny and not really mature. But it is also appealing to older generations, because of its dark humour. Another good movie is Sonic the hedgehog, which is a recent live-action movie based on Sonic games.

    But don’t worry, for people who have already used their trial and/or don’t like watching movies and TV series, there is an alternate solution: videogames. Here are some of my suggestions for videogames that will help you pass your time. First of all is “Doom Eternal”, a new addition to the Doom series, which tells the stories of Doomguy, a man with heavy weaponry and extreme skills, that stops demons from invading the Earth.

    Another good and classic videogame is Minecraft. You are basically a God that can build giant structures, kill legendary dragons, explore caves and mines, and tame all kinds of animals, all in a cubic world. The game is a lot of fun, especially with friends, because you can build more things more quickly.

    Last but not least, there are podcasts. I suggest the D&D podcast called “Just Roll With It”, that features the youtubers Slimecicle, Grizzly, Condifiction, Bizly and TripleMcWheaty as the players and Narwhal as the Dungeon Master. Together they go on an adventure to save the Great King’s Wharf, as the characters Br’aad, Taxi, Sylnan, Mountain and Velrissa. You can listen to it on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify.

    These were my suggestions for movies, shows, videogames, and podcasts that will help you not get bored during the quarantine. I hope you liked them.


  3. Vaggelis Mpouzoukas says:

    Now that i’m home becuaseof the outbrake of corona virus, I have lots of free time.But I wish i could go out because I’M SO MUCH DAYS IN MY HOUSE.
    First, what I like to do is playing with my cousins videogames, and we play some games to gether on our phones like Minecraft, Brawl Stars and our favourite Roblox. but when I’m alone I usally play with my Nintendo Switch (but I wish I had Mario Maker 2) and other games as well like FNAF or deltarune for excample. Also some times we wtch some sieries like Family guy, Rick and Morty and my favourite T H E S I M P S O N S.We some times we watch some movies like Lego Batman,Angry Birds 2 and others (sadly not Sonic The Hedgehog).And finally I watch some MEMES becuase why not.
    Then I sally eat with my familly on our table and then we are back on our rooms.Nothing really interesting here.
    The afternoon I just play with my cousins againand finally at the end of the day we are going to our beds and watch some TV and we sleep.


  4. danaebzk says:

    These days are very boring because we have to stay inside our homes to protect ourselves from corvit 19. Since I can’t go out I have to spend some time creative at home whenever I spend my quarantine…
    So the first thing I do when I wake up is say good morning to my brother to make our beds and just finish going to the kitchen to eat something and talk to my mom a little. After eating, I go back to my room and take off my pajamas and put on a comfortable uniform and a sweatshirt. After I pass, I call my friends to talk about why the truth is that I miss them a lot … After finishing the phone call I put songs to dance. After getting tired and listening to all my favorite songs, I’m hungry every time I go back to eating because I’m a little pig that keeps eating. I also love painting! In a nutshell I do this in my quarantine. I hope it all ends soon and we all get out! #westayhomeforthegoodofallofus. Kisses<3


  5. Peppa pig says:

    I sleep


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