Poll: Around town

Where did you use to go before the outbreak? Do you still go anywhere? If you can’t find your place of preference, choose “other” and comment below!

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  1. Vaggelis Mpouzoukas says:

    Before the outbreake of corona virous came to Athens I was going for a walk a lot of times, like I was in a square with my friends or I was in a super market with my dad and of course i was going at school (because why not 😉 ). But when corona virus came to Athens i couldn’t and i still can’t go any where, the only place I’m in is my house and only my dad is going out to work in our family (and of course I can’t go to school :C )


  2. Stratos Daras says:

    Before the corona virus came to Athens, I was going out with my friends at a square or at the cinema maybe and at supermarket.Also I was going to school something that I can”t do it now. Now all the family stay home because all we are scared about covid–19.


  3. costists says:

    Before the Covid-19 outbreak, I used to go to the cinema to watch a movie, to the park to hang out, and to the supermarket, to lend a hand to my father while he was shopping, and of course school. Now, with the quarantine, I only do absolutely necessary things, like going to the market. Also, now I can’t go to school, due to the announcement that the Health Administration made.


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