Coronavirus and its Effect on Schools

Nowadays, the entire world is afraid of the coronavirus, which is basically a deadlier version of the flu. But because it was exposed late, it has infected a lot of people. In order to stop that expansion, the Greek Health Ministry decided to close all the schools in Greece. My question is: was that necessary?

First of all, let’s look through the eyes of the students. For the students, it’s a great way to take a break from school and sit on their homes. They also have more free time. Lastly, they don’t have to worry that much about the virus, because for them, it’s like the flu.

But, the Health Ministry doesn’t see it that way. Instead, it sees the closure of schools a way to slow down the infection to spread to everyone’s home. It also reduces the amount of patients that the hospitals have to take for.

Now, it is time to see the positives and negatives of this decision. One the one side, students have more time to relax and take a break from school. It also slows the rate of infection of the virus. Also, the students won’t infect their grandmothers, because they do not have a way to go outside and be infected themselves.

On the other hand the students lose lessons, and because the syllabus must be finished, they will do lessons during the summer break. Plus, the virus isn’t that deadly, so there is no need to take such extreme measures for it. To add, the students do not have anything to do, so, at last, they will go outside, so what’s the point?

To sum up, I don’t believe that the coronavirus is such a big threat, at least for now, to the world, so there is no need for such extremities.

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