Lately, I’ve started watching a series on Netflix called Arrow, and I really like it, so I want to talk about it. It is an American series made by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg, and it is based on the DC comics hero called Green Arrow.

It all starts when a cruiser vacation goes wrong and the millionaire playboy Oliver Queen spends five years shipwrecked on an island called Lian Yu, which is located in the North China Sea. When he comes home, he reunites with his mother, Moira, his sister, Thea, and his friend Tommy Merlin. But now he is more serious than before and doesn’t behave like a little child. He also wants to justice for Starling City, his hometown, so he becomes Arrow, a masked vigilante that solves crimes and kills terrorists. But no one knows that at least for now. He doesn’t use a gun though: he uses a bow and arrows. Later in the series, he will fight with other superheroes, like The Flash, and he will meet some dangerous people like Deathstroke and the Dark Archer.

I really like this TV series for a lot of reasons. First of all, it has a lot of spinoffs and interesting things that won’t let you get bored while watching it. Also, the secondary characters have an awesome backstory and affect the series a lot. I recommend it to anyone that likes the Flash because you will love every second of it.

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