Discrimination: When you Dress the “Wrong” Way

Last year, I decided to go to a Jumbo toy shop in Athens. So, I called my best friends: John, George, and Anestis and I told them to come with me. We met at Anthoupolis metro station and took the train for the store.We wanted to buy gifts for our cousins because it was Christmas.

When we arrived, an employer wanted to keep my bag outside of the store. What troubled me is that he only wanted my bag. I was nervous that the man kept only my bag because I feel it was due to me being a boy with very long hair, and I wore a hoodied black jacket with black cargo pants, and I wasn’t like the other “normal” kids my age.

I was really nervous, I went to him and told him, “why are you keeping only my bag?”. He didn’t answer. I asked again, and then he said “What’s your problem kid?” and I replied “What’s your problem with me?” After that I left him and I went shopping. When I went out and took my bag back, the man continued looking at me like I was a criminal or a thief. This incident didn’t happen just that one time, with this employer at the store. The second time, he did it to me, I didn’t pay him much attention, and I went into the shop, and he didn’t bother me again.

To conclude, I don’t think it was the store’s fault, but the employee’s because he is a man with prejudices, and probably will remain so his whole life. What I hope is our society will not be like this man for a long time…

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  1. costists says:

    I totally agree. Even though you made some grammatical errors, you sent the right message to our society. Most people in Greece are judgmental about how people are or how they are dressed. With his post, you basically showed to the public.


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