Mr Fiorentinos

Mr Fiorentinos is the man who teaches me science. This man is one of the best people I have ever known. He also is currently the best science and mathematics teacher in Greece this.

He isn’t very tall, but not too short either. He is bald and a little bit fat. He has brown eyes and always wears a shirt and levis jeans.

His lesson is very good. You understand everything that he wants to tell you. He doesn’t give us a lot of homework, because he does all the exercises in the class. Also he is very quiet and he doesn’t talk loudly during the lesson time.

Finally, he loves children but sometimes shouts very loudly and tells as that if we talk to each other we will go to the office, but if he reaches this point, it means that we aren’t polite and quiet.

These are the reasons why I think Mr Fiorentinos is my favourite teacher, not only at primary, but at all my years at school.

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