Mr Kotsidis

Mr Kotsidis is in my junior high-school and he teaches me geography. He is also tall and he is young. He is one of my favorite teachers of all time and he is very chill.

Mr Kotsidis likes football and he is playing with us some times. He also likes reading books, he likes reading about things that happened in real life and reading about super heroes. He tries to be cool, he has a normal phone, he has an instagram account, and he wears really cool clothes. He doesn’t punish students easily and he doesn’t shout very often.

He is a really kind person and like I said he is really chill. BUT don’t take it way too far, like don’t make him angry, because you will not have a good time. But if you are ok and studying you will have good marks. He is also really normal when he gives marks, like he will not give more points to a student because he likes him more or he will not remove points because he dislikes a student.

I like Mr Kotsidis, because I haven’t got bad times with him like with one of my worst teachers,  so I don’t like her, but Mr Kotsidis is one of the teachers that you will never hate.

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