Eye of the Beholder

A while ago, when I was decorating my place, I brought in a blue-white China vase from my mother’s place. The idea was to give the space an ethnic-eclectic look. In blue, white, and brownish grey rooms, wooden plates and shelves were introduced along with red Anatolian carpets and grey couches. Some splashes of orange and a few distinct Asian pieces, with relaxing bohemian paintings. Plainly, I loved it. Still do.

My place is a haven where I can relax from the stress of the day, recharge my batteries and have a gathering with friends to play board games or watch a nice film. To me it’s perfect. Both the space in its entirety and the vase. To my friends and acquaintances though… A complete different matter. A few of my close friends love it, one of them however abhors it.

She adores the modern touches, yet despises the vase. That very vase I love because it reminds me of home, my parents, and at the same time, I find that it suits the place perfectly. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and of course, what is aesthetically pleasing is completely subjective. That’s what this prompt is all about; a new series inspired by a topic from an old Oxford composition book.

All about items we personally love, and the reasons behind it. What are they? What do others think about them? How do they make us feel and why? Welcome to “Eye of the Beholder”.

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