Ypo is a popular rapper in Greece with a lot of fans and haters too. He was born on 15/2/1978, and is originally from Siatista. His real name is Anastasios Karakostas .

He started as a rap amateur in 1994, but in 1996 made zn with Taki tsan, Midenistis, his brother Kataxhonios and Xarmanis. He has made 4 albums with zn. 2010-2012 were his best carrier years because then he made the club hit “kane dou”.

During the same year he made with Skive Capital Music the trap album “Vrehi fraga”. Ypo has the same hits like PACK MAN with 1,8 million views, Colombiano with 4,5 million views, and Peru with 10 million views, Colombiano remix with 12 million views, and Maradona with 16 million views!

Ypo is one of the most popular rappers in Greece and always makes gut rap/trap songs. I think you should watch his songs!

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