Mrs. Penna

Mrs. Penna, who teaches me English in my Junior High school is a wonderful woman. She is fifty years old, and her hair is short and grey.

She likes dressing like a 60’s or 70’s woman and she loves shirts. She plays basketball, volleyball and tennis but athletics is her favorite pass-time activity. She loves reading novels, fairytales and comics. In her free time she goes for longs walks with her kids, because she loves spending time with her family.

She is a gorgeous teacher because she loves her job and her students. Sometimes she gets angry and is strict, but I don’t judge her because usually students don’t pay attention to the lesson. She is very dedicated to her job and she likes doing it right. She helps us a lot to understand the lesson and we love it!

For all of these reasons, Mrs. Penna is my favorite teacher in Junior high school. I love her and I try to make her proud. I’ll never forget her…

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