Mr. Konstandine

My favorite teacher is Mr. Konstandine Skondras. He is my history teacher in junior high school. He has been my teacher for 3 weeks. He is about 1.80 m. tall, he is thin and has got a beard on his cheeks. He wears smart clothes, like jeans, shirts, etc.

He loves to teach because he explains everything about the lesson. He likes reading books too. He brings books that are about the lesson to read sometimes. He admires technology. He always shows us pictures of ancient towns on the projector and historical facts.

He is always happy and he really likes students to pay attention to the lesson. He is very enthusiastic but serious when it’s necessary. For instance, he likes giving prizes to those who do well on the lesson, but when a student doesn’t behave well he gets furious.

Although he asks us to do a lot of things, he is my favorite teacher, because he makes the class to be interested in the lesson.

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