Deception Point

While I was in a summer break, I was reading a book that I really liked. It is called Deception Point. The book was published in Greece in 2005 and its author is Dan Brown, one of the best litterature writers in the world.

When a NASA satellite finds out a meteorite that contains life traces, burried within the ices of Antarctica, NASA, which has had a lot of failures, made the discory of the century. That discovery has consenquences for the space company and the elections as well.

But because the the White House wants to know if the discoveries of NASA are correct, they send Rachel Sexton, an information analyzer and daughter of the political opponent of Zack Herney, the President of the US. But while she is there, she uncovers a big secret.

Personally, I loved this book, beacause it combines action, science and romance. I had a great time reading it. It is quite big, but I liked it so much, that I read it in a week. I suggest this book to anyone that loves space and action.

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