On Discrimination

Equality has been among the major focal points of the Western world for years and in many countries, much progress has been achieved. In the U.K. or the States, things are becoming better at varying rhythms and the Scandinavian countries are perhaps counted amongst the most liberal places on the planet. Even here, in Greece which unfortunately tends to fall back on such matters, the situation isn’t what it used to be.

Despite that, cases of discrimination still occasionally resurface on the media or as anecdotes in companies of people. We have seen the many faces of it expressed as misogyny, sexism, racism and all sorts of so-called “phobias”. Religious discrimination, or due to sexual preference, transphobia, disregard of disability, or even prejudice deriving from much “simpler” situations. I have had students giving accounts of harassment because of their origins, their orientation, or their dress code.

Society tends to accept only what it considers to be part of normality, and whatever deviates from that is in many cases seen as alien, dangerous, or threatening towards a rather privileged majority. It has been hurtful and I’m afraid it will continue being so for many people in the future.

Firmly believing that understanding another person’s point of view, getting into somebody else’s shoes, is what may at some point soften such behaviors, I would like to use this particular piece as a prompt. A prompt for both members of the team, our writers, and readers who may feel it would help them, to share with us, personal experiences of discrimination, partly to dispel the hold they possibly have, partly in a psychotherapeutic manner, hoping the accounts will help others overcome their difficult experiences.

I urge you to share and discuss it. Please take the poll too.

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