What we Should be Taught in School

I am writing to express my opinion about what subjects schools should add. At school, students are already learning the basics like science, maths and English, but what else can they learn to have an extra skill in their career?

The students are learning science, foreign languages and maths among others. But do they learn properly or even useful things? For example, why are second languages taught more than 90% European? People could also learn Asian languages or Russian. Also, information science isn’t taught as it could be. Useful skills like computer graphics, photo or video editing and programming are not in the curriculum. Physical education is also a lesson that students don’t really care so much about, but if the school has a football field or volleyball, basketball court, they may be more motivated and enthusiastic about.

Furthermore, many lessons that could be added in school can help students choose what job they want to do when the will grow up. Good ideas would be photography, robotics, or mechanics. Also, they can have exhibitions or there could be mini seminars for students based on the lessons that they prefer. For example someone who likes photography may take part in a seminar about optimal settings on the digital cameras.

I believe that if the schools add some more lessons the students will have more skills and they can choose a job or their career more easily.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Vaggelis Bouzoukas says:

    I want to have a lesson that everyone likes, like making video games, making movies or even have a lesson witch teaches you how to survive.


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