Music Schools in Greece

What do all of us school children in Greece have in common? We spend at least 6 hours a day at school!

In my country, schools have many lessons but the main courses are greek language, literature, maths, history and physics. Schools here finish everyday at 1:15 or 2:00 p.m. more or less. Finally, the schools are open Monday throw Friday.

I go to a music school because I really like music. My school is open Monday to Friday too, but we stay there till 3:15. In music schools we have many different courses like piano and drums lessons, which are mandatory instruments, and one instrument of our own choice.

In my opinion, most schools in my country give rounded education which can help you in the future, but I love being in a music school even more! I would really recommend it if you are a musical person!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. captaintax says:

    I like this article a lot


  2. _peppapig_ says:

    I want to learn drums and guitar.



    I love music and I would also prefer to go to music school!


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