Learning Foreign Languages in Greece

How many foreign languages should a young person know? In Greece we learn lots of different languages. Some courses are obligatory but some others are optional.

Most children start learning English when they are 8 years old in public school and at the same time they go private languages schools. English is compulsory but we can choose between German or French in public schools. In private schools we can choose many other languages like Italian, Spanish and even Turkish. We all prepare at least for the Lower exam.

I personally learn English of course, and German. I speak Albanian too. In English I am in E class and I have been studying for 6 years with a private tutor. I enjoy learning foreign languages because I think it is necessary.

To sum up, I believe that everyone shoud learn foreign languages. What do you think?

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  1. costists says:

    I learn English, French and know some Japanese words. What do you think about Japanese?


    1. Em2anu3l says:

      I am a huge fan of the Japanese culture and I would actually love to learn the language! I hope others share that passion too. 😄


  2. _peppapig_ says:

    I know English, Greek and German.
    And I want to learn Albanian too.


  3. Vaggelis Bouzoukas says:

    I know Greek, English and German too. I also think that it is not good to learn more than 4 languages. I also want to learn some Japanese and Italian.


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