God of War (2018)

Finally the new God of War game that we have all been waiting for is out and so far has most of the fans screaming by how good it is. It’s a third person adventure action game that was originally developed by and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Santa Monica Studio on the 20th of April 2018 and was released for the PS4 Console.

Although all of the God of War games so far took place on ancient Greek Mythology this one takes place on Norse Mythology. Kratos which is and always was the main character now uses a war axe instead of the classic double chained blades he used to have. And what’s more is that he now has a son called Atreus who he trains in order to turn him into a fighter and get him ready for a big and difficult travel. Although in the previous game all that Kratos wanted was to kill and fight he is now trying to be more of an ideal father figure for his son in order to teach him “what is good and what is not”.

All of the gameplay has been completely changed. Now the camera follows Kratos around. The enemies have levels in order fo you to compare the enemy’s power with your power and see if you can pick the fight against him. Now the parry also plays a big role in the game instead of the previous games that none ever used parry attack. And you also have your song who helps you in the fight by shooting arrows to enemies from a distance and stunning them in order for you to grab them and perform some sort of final attack so that you can instantly kill them.

Although this game is a ton of fun to play I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone who is under 18 since the game has extreme violence that is not meant for kids. Overall it’s an amazing game and if you can afford to play it you should definitely do so.

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