Top 5 Eurovision 2018 Contenstant Songs

Everyone has to know what Eurovision is by now, but in case you haven’t heard, it’s a competition where many countries in the world participate. They do that by choosing a song to represent their country and then they perform and broadcast it in front of millions of people. The winner is the one that collects the most votes from other countries. The songs that are going to get performed this year have already been presented and seen by many people, so here is my personal top 5.

5. Fuego

Fuego is the song that will be representing Cyprus and will be performed by Eleni Foureira. Personally I believe it’s of the best ones that will be in the 2018 Eurovision just because it makes you have various emotions because of its rhythm and because the singer has a really good voice to go with it.


4. That’s how you write a song

Alexander Rybak that was also performing in last years Eurovision will be performing this one representing once again Norway. I included this one in the list since it has a catchy tune and it’s one of those songs “that force you” in a way to sing and dance with them. The singer of course once again helps with his cheerful voice that lightens your mood.


3. Forever

This is the one that Belarus chose to be performed by Alekseev and I can see why. It’s one of those song that I know a lot of people can relate too since the point of the song is to express the writers feelings through it. It’s definitely one of the best ones for me since the beat really sets the mood for the lyrics to go along.


2. Lie to me

This one will be getting performed by Mikolas Josef for Czech Republic. The reason why I am putting this one so high up in the list is because it has a happy beat that I bet will get most people in the audience jumping up and down and get them quite a bit hyped as well.

1. Bones

Bones will be performed by EQUINOX representing Bulgaria. It’s my personal favourite because I like everything about it. The beat is really well made. The group that sings it did a really good job as well and overall it’s a really emotional song that can get easily stuck in your mind and make you think.

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