Working from Home vs Working Outside

Modern technology has given the opportunity to many people to work from their homes, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. I mean yeah sure you get to stay in your home with all your comforts, like staying in your pyjamas, and work on your bed but what are actually the drawbacks of working at home?

Working outside your house can get really annoying especially when you have to wake up early, get dressed and go to work, but when working in another space that’s meant to exist for your field of work, it can be a lot more professional considering that you can have machines that you wouldn’t be able to have at your house. Also, when working at your house, you might have a lot of distractions like watching TV, playing games, or having kids running around. All these stuff might get in the way of doing your job properly and efficiently. Those are some good reasons why you wouldn’t want to work at home.

On the other hand though, like I said before there are a lot of positive things about working at home. First and foremost you get to wake up at whatever time you want to, without having to worry about getting to your  job in time. In addition, by staying at home you can make work fun in your own way and do stuff a boss wouldn’t normally let you do in a public building, like listen to music while working, have a coffee and some snacks and take breaks whenever you feel like it.

So if I could choose one, I would probably choose to work at home because even though  there are all of these distractions, you would always get to stay at home working quietly in your bedroom. Plus I really hate waking up early in the morning, so I think working at home would suit me better!

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