Finding Info on the Internet or on TV

The TV and the internet are two kinds of media where you can find many things you want to learn, but both have their advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand we have the TV, where you can watch movies, listen to music or learn the news all around the world. But if you want to find something the time you want it, you can’t, because on the TV you can choose the channel you will watch but you can’t choose when you will watch what you want, you must go with the schedule. When you  learn the news on TV for example, there are more accurate news and the reporters have reliable sources. Also the TV seems more direct, because the reporters feel like speaking to you and they seem more familiar.

On the other hand, the internet is a fast way to search everything you want and find answers for homework or many other things you must learn immediately. One of the disadvantages of the internet is that all people can write anything they want and no one can check if their posts are right or not. You can see the news worldwide and in every language you may want.  Reading news on the internet doesn’t feel as familiar as the TV. Another big problem is hackers who can steal your passwords when you open a dangerous website.

I believe that the internet is a better way to find information but you need to be sure that the sites you visit, are safe and with real news or with reliable sources. This is my opinion about what is better to use for finding information. What do you think?

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