Ninja Gaiden 3

Ninja Gaiden is a game series originally developed and published by Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja. Even though it’s a large series of games we will be specifically talking about Ninja Gaiden 3 since it’s my favourite one of the three and my favourite game ever created in general. It’s an action adventure hack and slash video game that was released on the 20th of March 2012 and involves and developes around the protagonist (your character) Ryu Hayabusa.

I won’t really be talking about the story since it wont make sense if you haven’t played the other two but I will be talking about the gameplay. Overall the game has had huge improvements since the past two sequels and it has gotten a ton of new and improved motions and camera point of view angles. One of the main new camera aspects is a camera called “Steel on Bone”. This camera basically exists to give the player a completely new way of viewing the battle from “first hand”. Another game changing battling mechanic is a spell called Ninpo. It can be casted by the player manually if the respective bar has been filled up first and how you fill it up is by killing enemies. When casted Ninpo will transform Ryu into a huge flaming dragon that will instantly kill all enemies on-screen and regenerate health equivalent to the number of enemies killed by it.

Like I said it’s my favourite game ever made and I would highly suggest it to anyone that’s over 17 but keep in mind that the game can have a lot of cruel scenes that can disturb lots of people who are sensitive to gore.

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