Should Universities Charge Tuition?

There are many countries in the globe, mine included, that do not charge tuition in universities. In contrast some others like England and the States charge fees for tuition. Both of these policies have advantages and disadvantages so which one do you think is better?

On the one side free tuition in universities is a good thing because everyone could potentially enroll into a university without having to worry about finances that they might have. As a result everyone is provided the same employment opportunities. On the other side there are some bad aspects about free tuition. In my country even though tuition is free it is extremely difficult to enroll into a university because the only thing that is taken into consideration is some tests that you take only once a year; on which you might be unlucky. Moreover for example one’s mark on a composition doesn’t necessarily show how good an engineer one will become.

Now what about charging tuition? First of all not everyone will have the same opportunities regarding their professional life. Although on the other hand charging tuition can be in my opinion a good thing. For example it might be expensive for someone to join a university but exactly because he paid to enter he will care more about his studies and there will be fewer people who just join a university to have fun. In some cases their fun disturbs other people’s studies.

Concluding I believe that tuition should be charged but not over-charged. This would make universities more productive for people who really care for their future and not only for their current entertainment.

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