How Have Social Medias Affected Our Lives

Social medias have had a huge impact in our everyday lives over the last couple of years. People keep posting videos and photos on facebook, twitter, tumblr etc. That’s because they like the idea of other people paying attention to what they’re doing for some reason. Social medias have helped us and got us into trouble a lot of times with their existence and we are about to look at how they do those things.

They have helped millions of people to keep in touch with other family members, loved ones, or friends that live far away from them via chatting. Chatting is an easy and cheep way to communicate with other people and trust me, sometimes when you meet new people it’s way less awkward than talking to them in person. In some countries even job interviews happen via chatting and that can a lot of times help the job applicant to respond comfortably and easily.

But a lot of crimes have been committed through social media like identity theft, phishing, illegal drug selling etc. But crimes are not the only bad things that happen on social media. Let’s say you try to apply for a job, most employers will search for your name on Facebook, twitter and other social media. Imagine them finding a stupid photo of you or a video that you took when you were a teen. Not only will it ruin the image and fame you have but it will also make your chance of getting the job a lot lower.

So my advice is that you should use social media to communicate with others and become more social but always be careful and thoughtful of what you are uploading cause you never know who might see it or how will it affect your life later on.


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