Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Remake

A few months ago I wrote and published an article talking about Shadow of the Colossus which is a really amazing game and you should definitely check out my last article and what is the game about HERE.

So this game finally got remastered and everyone is really hyped about it. When the game first came out in 2005 it got a lot of praise and love and the developers were really happy with their game’s outcome. But 2018 came around, graphics and technology evolved so everyone  was asking for a remaster of the game because come on, let’s be honest here, who doesn’t want to see a game from their childhood getting remastered?The remaster like the original has also gotten a lot of praise and everyone is having really good thoughts about it. Most people were scared that with the advanced graphics it would lose the old school kind of charm it had, but in the end that wasn’t the case at all.

What changed in the remaster you ask? Here I am to answer your question. In the remastered version the biggest changes were made on the movements of the Colossi, the way they react to stuff, their overall textures, Wander’s face and facial expressions changed and so did his horse’s body and movements. This had a huge impact on the game’s community for the best and definitely reignited the people’s hype and interest about the game. Who knows maybe players might start speedrunning the game again since the mechanics are kind of different now.

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