A Really Bad Day

One year ago, when I was at school and I was having a lesson, suddenly a storm started and a thunder struck the electricity pillar. The lights switched off and we were hearing a noise coming from the second floor. Many of the girls were scared so much that they started screaming.

Our teacher told us to go down. We had already left the classroom when we saw the stairs and understood that we weren’t able to go down because we had forgotten the window open and all the water had came in. Then, our teacher told to us to go down the other stairs at the other side of the school. We started walking with the teacher because we had never went to the other side of the school again. When we got down he saw the students of the other classes wet. I asked my friend what happened and he told me that they had forgotten the windows open and all the students were wet. By that time our Headteacher told us to take our parents and tell them to take us back to home.

When I went back home I grabbed my phone to chat with my friends, but when I pressed the on/off button I saw that the monitor of the phone was destroyed and I had to get the phone to the shop to fix it. I thought that the day can’t get worse. And by the time I thought that I heard a sound from the kitchen. I got to the kitchen and saw what had happened and I understood that the electricity had been switched off and our lamp exploded.

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