Being Happy Can Improve Your Health?

Recently, some research has suggested that people who are happier are also healthier. Traditionally, however doctors don’t consider mental state to be connected to physical health. Can a positive attitude keep you healthy, or even cure you if you are ill?

People who are happy are probably healthy. If you are healthy, automatically you are happier too. Your nice health is what makes you happy. Being happy in your life can make an important impact to your friends, family and people who communicate with you in general. For example a content person can influence for the best a melancholic person. It is easy to understand that being happy means a lot to yourself and the others.

In my opinion people who are happy in their lives can improve their mental health but not their physical. This is because mental state is not connected to physical health and as result it can not cure an illness or keep someone healthy. But it is important to have your mental health in a good shape. It means that you have accepted yourself, you know that you have a good life and that is a reason to be happy about. This is as important as physical health is.

As I mentioned before, by being happy you can not cure an illness or be healthy but you can improve your life and the lives of others. Being positive is always important and all people must understand it and do whatever they can to be happy, because happiness is the reason to live.

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