Recently in the city of Athens, Greece, an e-ticket has been introduced in order to commute with all the mass transportation means such as the tube, buses or the suburban railway, at least the part that’s in Athens. There has been a controversy on whether or not this form of ticket is more productive than the classic one there was before.

There are quite a few drawbacks as well as some considerable benefits to. One of the major cons of this form of ticket is the limited amount of ticket machines that are available for the people to refill their personalized AthenaCard or to just get one ticket. This leads to huge queues of people waiting for many times just one ticket. The older method of getting tickets was easier to deal with because even kiosks sold them. Another weakness of the e-ticket is the late development of online personal card orders. If this had been implemented earlier the people would had accept the new tickets easier.

Now let’s get to the advantages of this new order of things regarding mass transport. Let’s face it before this new implementation many passengers would board the public transport vehicles without validating a ticket. Now with this new method there are bars at every metro station which can be opened only with the validation of the ticket in order for the passenger to get to the platform and board. Another pro is that in a certain period of time when everyone will have a personalized card the purchase and use of tickets will be a lot easier.

In conclusion I believe that the new ticket is at the end an overall worthy implementation in the public transportations system of Athens. How is the mass transport like in your city? Tell us in the comments.


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